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man with sleep headphones

The ultimate sleep headphones

Find your place to switch off and sleep with proven techniques, personalized to you.

Wherever you are, just press play, and relax.

Your best days start with good sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep has been shown to help keep you healthy, reduce stress and help you lead your best life. Created with sleep scientists, Kokoon helps you relax and sleep using audio based on clinically proven techniques straight from the sleep clinic.

  • Relax

  • Sleep

  • Travel

What do our customers say?

Hear from our customers how they use Kokoon Sleep Headphones and the Kokoon Relax mobile app to help them switch off, relax, sleep, travel and much more.

sleep headphones

Intelligent headphones designed for ultimate comfort

Kokoon combines premium audio, comfort focused design, and intelligent sensors. By understanding how you relax and sleep, Kokoon learns what works for you.

  • Designed for comfort

    Flexible silicones designed to mold to your head are wrapped in soft fabric and ventilated to make sure you stay cool

  • Protected from noise

    Kokoon headphones combine three noise reduction technologies including Active Noise Cancellation to help you switch off and relax

  • Sleep sensing

    Sensors including EEG Brainwave sensors monitor your relaxation and sleep to personalize your experience

Works with
...& more

Your sleep and relaxation companion

Kokoon Sleep Headphones work with any app, but using the Kokoon Relax mobile app, you can create your own personlized relaxation experience.

  • Sleep exercises

    The Kokoon Relax app includes audio techniques used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and proven to work

  • Music and soundscapes

    Relax with music composed especially for Kokoon or the sound of gentle rain, the ocean, and much more with our soundscapes

  • Personalized recommendations

    The app will let you know how you slept and as we learn what works for you, make recommendations on new audio to try

Fall asleep 30% faster with Kokoon's sleep headphones

By collecting data from thousands of customers all over the world we've created the perfect collection of audio to help you sleep. The Kokoon Relax mobile app includes hours of spoken word techniques used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which help our customers fall asleep 30% faster when compared to music or white noise.

woman with sleep headphones
woman with sleep headphones

Your place to pause. Wherever you are.

At home or on the go, find your perfect escape with Kokoon. With three layers of disturbance protection and the Kokoon audio library you’ll be able to switch off, no matter what’s going on around you.

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