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Meet Kokoon Relax

Discover the Kokoon Relax app and take control of your relaxation and sleep

Relax and switch off

The Kokoon Relax app has been designed to help you switch off and sleep. Algorithms use sensor data from your headphones to tailor your audio experience based on what’s working for you. The more you use it, the more effective it becomes.

Audio Library

Includes a variety of audio designed to help you relax and sleep easier.


Gain insight into how effective your audio was using data from your headphone’s sensors.

Intelligent Audio

The app will use your sensor data to adapt your audio as you listen.

Relax with Kokoon audio

Try techniques shown in clinical trials to help you fall asleep quicker, relax, and manage stress. The library includes techniques used in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and relaxing audio developed with sleep scientists.

Unique audio designed with sleep experts

Sleep Exercises

Library including a variety of audio designed to help you relax and sleep easier.

Relaxing Music

Listen to a variety of music specifically designed for relaxation.


Soundscapes to transport you away to a world of calm and rest.

Learn what works

Get a detailed breakdown of your sleep and relaxation using sensor data. Learn what audio is most effective for you and create your personalised experience.
Features launching Q1 2019

Kokoon headphones are now shipping

Supply is limited, reserve your pair today

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