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    Our Sleep App

    For iOS & Android

    Meet Kokoon Relax

    Your sleep and relaxation companion, the Kokoon Relax app provides audio to help you get the most from your time. Designed to help, whatever your wellbeing goals, Kokoon Relax is the intuitive way to guide your relaxation, sleep and focus. Kokoon Relax will be available for iOS and Android shortly before launch.

    Natural Sounds For Relaxation

    Grounded in science, Kokoon Relax gives you the power of the sleep clinic and music psychology at your fingertips. Benefit from years of research into the most effective techniques, packaged in a single easy to use app. Including:

    • Relaxing music
    • Guided relaxation
    • Spoken word
    • Soundscapes
    • And more

    Sleep Sensing & Smart Alarm

    Intelligent sleep tracking: Kokoon Relax works with Kokoon headphones to track your relaxation and rest. The app adjusts your audio to help you meet your goals and if you're sleeping, finds the very best time to wake you

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