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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to our most common questions

    When will my pre-order ship?

    Orders placed today are estimated to ship in early 2018. Pre-orders are charged immediately. You are able to request a refund at any time before shipping.

    What is your returns policy?

    Kokoon offer hassle free, no cost returns. Should you wish to return the headphones, let us know within 14 days and we will arrange for them to be collected. You can find more information in our Terms & Conditions or Returns sections.

    I'm a side sleeper, are your headphones really comfortable?

    Earbuds and bulky noise canceling headphones will make it difficult to sleep for side sleepers. By relocating the headphone electronics from the ear cups to the headband, we have been able to achieve the lowest possible profile, maintaining the natural shape and characteristics of the head in bed. Combining this with gel cushioning has enabled us to ensure the headphones are comfortable.

    Where do you ship from?

    We will be working with distribution centres in the USA, UK and Hong Kong. When Kokoon ships, we anticipate delivering your headphones in three working days, with many countries enjoying next day delivery.

    Is Bluetooth safe?

    Bluetooth is a well-established, very low power wireless technology. Kokoon bluetooth headphones are "SAR tested" which is a radio wave absorption test metric. We are 8x under the allowable limit for the Canadian safety level. To sell in the US and Europe, this test is not required as Bluetooth is deemed safe.

    Can I use a cable instead of Bluetooth?

    Kokoon headphones include an optional 3.5mm cable with an in-line call mic which can be used to listen to music, listen to audio while watching a movie or videos and answering calls; instead of the Bluetooth connection.

    What if my fire alarm goes off?

    Kokoon smart headphones allow sounds like fire and burglar alarms to penetrate the headphone to ensure you stay safe.

    Do you support Windows Mobile?

    Kokoon does not currently support Windows mobile at the moment. However, as demand has risen for this, we do intend to release an app in the future, likely to be in 2017.

    Will you integrate with HealthKit or Android Health?

    Our mobile app, Kokoon Relax, integrates with both Apple & Android Health to allow you to track sleep as part of your general wellness. It will also integrate with Google Fit, iOS Health, audiobooks and many others.

    Can I cancel my pre-order?

    Yes, orders can be cancelled before they are shipped. Please let us know by emailing support@kokoon.io and quote your order reference number.

    What sort of warranty does Kokoon offer?

    Kokoon sleep headphones' warranty will be confirmed when the product is launched. They will have at least a limited one year warranty, with certain territories covered for two years.

    Will Kokoon block out my snoring partner?

    Kokoon headphones have Active Noise Cancellation which will reduce the noise volume of snoring by 30db, so if the snoring was at 90db, the person wearing the headphones would hear it at 60db. There will also be the option to have white noise playing while you are sleeping which will assist in desensitising the ears to any background noise.

    Do Kokoon headphones support Android?

    Yes, our Bluetooth headphones will be compatible with Android operating systems and an Android app will be available when the headphones launch.

    What accessories are included?

    The Kokoon sleep sensing headphones pack includes a charging cable, optional audio cable with inline mic and a sleeping mask. The pack also comes with a sleep guide and the manual.

    How long do the batteries last?

    The battery lasts 15 hours with continuous use. 25 hours in sleep sensing mode and over a week in power-save mode (switches headphone off when you sleep).

    What is EEG sensing? Is it safe?

    Kokoon uses EEG sensors which monitor tiny electrical signals from your brain. These sensors are completely safe for long term use and require no preparation or special skills for use. EEG has been in widespread use since 1924 and is used in sleep clinics worldwide.

    I have a big head/ears! Will Kokoon fit?

    Our headphones have been designed to fit 95% of head and ear sizes. In the unlikely event they do not fit you well, you can return them to us.

    Can't find what you are looking for?

    Please contact us at support@kokoon.io and we will answer any questions you may have that are not covered in this section.

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