"When your partner snores, no one sleeps"

- Sleep Foundation

30-Night Better Sleep Guarantee

Getting a bad night’s sleep due to someone else’s snoring is frustrating to say the least...

...not only does it affect your wellbeing but also can create strain on your relationship. In fact it’s estimated to be the 2nd most common cause for divorce under ‘unreasonable behaviour’.

Philips Sleep Headphones with Kokoon

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In a recent study...

...from the Sleep Foundation, partners of snorers found that they were more cranky and anxious after a bad night’s sleep as well as finding it hard to concentrate and with low energy the next day.

Advice often relies on rolling them over or waking them up, which just means both parties are being disturbed. Enter Kokoon...

How do Philips Sleep Headphones help with snoring?

Our headphones won’t stop your partner snoring but they will stop it disturbing you. Here’s how…

Playing audio blocks external sound while simultaneously relaxing the mind

AdaptiveAudioTM our groundbreaking feature detects when you fall asleep, drifts out your audio and replaces with white noise to stop disturbances in the night

Our ergonomic sleeve design fits snuggly in your ears creating a seal to further reduce disturbances

We’re the world’s thinnest headphones, designed for ultimate sleep comfort even for side sleepers. Our tech is housed in the control panel which sits at the nape of your neck so you’ll barely know you’re wearing them

Plus you’ll get a free year’s premium access to the Kokoon App.

With a library of relaxing soundscapes and meditations, our users love that they can also listen to their own favourite audio and can layer their tracks with ours to create their own sleepscapes


You’re in good company! 54.8% of customers surveyed purchased Philips Sleep Headphones to block out their partners snoring

"I loved every single thing about this product"

[The headphones boast clever sensors, which can detect when you’re asleep and will fade the audio, introducing white noise to mask external sounds. They also scored highly for sound leakage, with no disturbances reported. As a bonus, they track your sleep, presenting all your key stats on the app in the morning, from time in bed to sleep stages.]

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