Increase Performance, with Better Sleep

A study has showed that increasing sleep duration by 1.7 hours per night led to a 10% improvement in overall athletic performance*

Getting enough high quality sleep is essential to great performance

Sleep is fundamental to an athlete’s performance - that's clear. Over the past fifteen years the understanding that sleep is not just dead time where athletes switch off but instead sleep is the key to peaking performances, giving athletes the competitive edge.

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Kokoon in the NFL

San Francisco 49ers adopt Kokoon Headphones for Peak Performance

On the lead up to the Super Bowl, when sleep is paramount but often at its most challenging, we teamed up with the San Francisco 49ers. We supplied the team with our Philips Sleep Headphones to aid their rest and recovery for the game of their lives.

“Sleep could be one of the greatest legal performance [enhancers] that people are not making enough use of...”

-Dr Michael Grander

Improved Endurance

When sleep deprived endurance performance is inhibited, due to decreased pre-exercise muscle glycogen stores and heightened levels of perceived exertion

When we don’t sleep our muscles can’t fully restock their energy stores (in the form of muscle glycogen). A recent study found that when restricted to a 30-hour sleep deprivation, the inability of the human body to fully recover muscle glycogen was seen in athletes

Male and female swimmers who extended their sleep to 10 hours also saw many performance improvements.

Reaction times off diving blocks were faster, turn times were improved, and kick strokes increased. Times swimming a 15-meter sprint also improved. Additionally, these athletes experienced improved mood and decreased daytime sleepiness and fatigue.

Increased Accuracy

Precision/accuracy performance is found to have a strong positive correlation with sleep duration, especially in sports like tennis, golf and dart throwing. Impaired accuracy and reaction time is associated with sleep deprivation and can be improved through sleep extension.

In a study on basketball players, where sleep durations were increased, with 10 hours being the goal over a 7 week period, longer sleep was correlated with an increased shooting accuracy of 9.2%

A Stanford study of men’s basketball players who extended their sleep to 10 hours a night found several positive outcomes.

The players ran faster in both half-court and full-court sprints. Their shooting improved by at least 9% for both free throws and three-point shots. The athletes also reported improved physical and mental well-being

Improve your cognitive performance

The ability to learn is crucial to both athletic performance and development, and adequate sleep is required to reinforce learned material

Exercise after 8pm

One survey found that the majority of people who exercise at 8pm, or later fall asleep quickly, experience an adequate amount of deep sleep, and wake up feeling well rested

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A better start to the mornings

People who are early risers or “morning people” are more likely to engage in physical activity than those who sleep in or are more active in the evening. In fact, some studies have suggested that exercise can possibly alter one’s diurnal preference over time, and may even shift their circadian rhythms.

Evening exercise = less light sleep

Other studies have yielded similar results. In one, people who exercised in the evening experienced more slow-wave sleep and increased latency for rapid eye movement sleep compared to the control group, as well as less stage 1 (or light) sleep