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Philips Sleep Headphones
  • Philips Sleep Headphones

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Philips x Kokoon Sleep Headphones available for pre-order, with an estimated shipping date of October 2023

“Make drifting off a breeze”

“They really work... a valid ally for sleep”

“Sound asleep takes on a new meaning”

"Best headphones to help you get a peaceful night’s sleep"

The most comfortable sleep experience.

  • Side sleep comfort
  • Smart audio fade out
  • Noise masking
  • Specialist audio content
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Access to Kokoon app

Comfortable for all positions

Our carefully crafted earbuds sit snug within the ear and are suitable for all sleeping positions, including side sleepers. Comes with additional ear tips in different sizes so you can find your fit.

Audio fades out

Powerful biosensors detect as you fall asleep and automatically fades sound levels so you can experience a soundless night. Works with sounds from the Kokoon app.

Uninterrupted deeper sleep

Overnight, our biosensors introduce white noise to help you mask out snoring, noisy neighbours and traffic. *Please note: Philips Sleep Headphones don’t have Active Noise Cancellation.

Selection of specialist audio

Listen to sounds scientifically backed to help you fall asleep easier. Choose from meditations, soundscapes, binaural beats and more.

Monitor your sleep each night

Understand your sleep and notice trends over time to learn what impacts your sleep. Our sensors monitor your sleep daily. Small adjustments to your routine can transform how you feel.

Download the app

Our commitment to providing the best sleep solutions means that the app will continue to evolve and adapt, ensuring you always have the latest and greatest tools to help you get better sleep.



  • Earbuds 4 times thinner than the average
  • Additional ear tips provided
  • Made from extra soft silicone


  • Selection of meditations, soundscapes and binaural beats
  • Balanced armature type drivers


  • Lithium ion technology
  • 100mAh capacity
  • 10+ hour battery life


  • In-ear optical heart rate sensor
  • Monitoring heart rate and heart rate variability


  • Bluetooth
  • USB-C charging port


  • Volume control buttons
  • Voice call microphone


  • We recommend iOS 13 or higher and Android 9 or higher for the best app experience