We put the sound into 'sound asleep'

Our mission was to design the most comfortable headphones in the world, designed solely for bedtime bliss

Unlock sleep through audio

Audio not only masks external sounds and distractions, it calms the mind - with sounds like white and pink noise scientifically proven to slow your brain waves and take you to the land of nod

100% designed for sleep

Our sleep headphones look different from every other set on the market and for goo reason. The control unit which sits comfortably at the nape of the neck, allows us to house all of the tech, meaning the earbuds can be as small as they are (the thinnest in the world in-fact) perfect for side sleepers.

With its lightweight build and innovative zig-zag cable design, they’ll stay put in your ears throughout the night, even if you move around a lot

Passive noise blocking and sound masking technology

Being the thinnest earbuds in the world means they create a perfect seal against your ears blocking out external noises. Whilst the clever sensors built into the earbuds, connect to the Kokoon app to monitor your sleep and optimise your audio in accordance with how you are sleeping (AdaptiveAudioTM). They dynamically adjust, fading in coloured noise to further mask out external sounds as you drift off.

Why Philips Sleep Headphones

We have been developing headphones for over 10 years – with Philips Sleep Headphones being the 3rd generation in the range. Our goal however has never changed – to develop the most comfortable – bedtime first – headphones on the market.

Unlike bedside speakers or popping your phone under your pillow; sleep headphones support your sleep without disturbing those around you and with their sleep sensing technology, help people with all sleep challenges, get a better night's sleep!

You choose the soundtrack to your sleep

The Kokoon app contains a library of sleep enhancing audio, meditations and coloured noise. But, you can also use your own audio apps like spotify or audible enabling you to create your own sleepscape, you can even mix your audio with ours, think Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter accompanied by the sound of crashing waves.

Philips Sleep Headphones with Kokoon

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"I loved every single thing about this product"


[The headphones boast clever sensors, which can detect when you’re asleep and will fade the audio, introducing white noise to mask external sounds. They also scored highly for sound leakage, with no disturbances reported. As a bonus, they track your sleep, presenting all your key stats on the app in the morning, from time in bed to sleep stages.]

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