Philips Sleep Headphones Reviews

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"These headphones promise to help you fall asleep and then track your doze."

'The headphones promise to help you sleep by blocking out disturbances. You’ll benefit from noise isolation thanks to the rubber tips, plus the in-ears play white noise to counteract external noises, such as snoring. Philips has a range of specialist sounds on offer to help you drift off, or you can play your own audio. Sensors detect when you fall asleep, and begin to fade out the audio, so you can rest peacefully. Plus, there’s sleep tracking built-in, so you can keep an eye on your shut-eye.'


"When the insomnia strikes, reach for one of these pairs."

'[...] this Philips x Kokoon set is specifically designed for sleep with ultra-thin wires and buds, plus a control panel that sits at the nape of your neck. There are built-in sensors that will fade out the noise (of which you can choose at your leisure on the Kokoon app) as you fall asleep. Better yet: Those sensors also make the whole set-up a sleep-tracking tech, so you can see how well it's working for you in the morning.'


'If you struggle to drift off to sleep, the Philips Sleep Headphones have been designed to help. Unlike your standard wireless earbuds, they are built to be comfortable enough to wear to bed, while delivering relaxing sounds and tracking your slumber time too.'


'[...] Tuck them in as you’re relaxing, meditating, or heading to bed, and the headphones can play any kind of audio you like to help lull you into a state of relaxation. The audio automatically fades out as soon as the headphones detect you falling asleep, and it’s replaced by masking noise that helps keep you in sound sleep. Meanwhile, the Sleep headphones’ active noise cancellation helps silence disturbing sounds like someone snoring, traffic, a loud neighbor, or the neighbor’s louder dog!'.


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'The earbuds are some of the smallest around, measuring just 6mm thick (compared to the average 20mm+ of most other earphones). That means that the sidesleepers among you can happily wear them with your ear pressed firmly to the pillow, and without any of the usual discomfort.'