The BEST Earbuds for Sleeping (2022 Comparison Guide)

The BEST Earbuds for Sleeping (2022 Comparison Guide)
Written by Maisie Bygraves on Jan 5, 2022.
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With so many of us struggling to sleep, it’s no wonder companies are designing helpful tech to help us sleep better. However, with so many to choose from, it can be tough to judge which pair best suits your needs.

We’ve curated a go-to guide for the best earbuds for sleeping in 2022. Whether you’re looking for sleeping earbuds that are science-backed, designed to accompany sleep audio or to mask external disturbances, then this is the article for you.

This guide should help you to discover which pair of earbuds for sleeping you need, so you can begin your journey to a better night’s sleep tonight.

What is the best earbuds design for comfort?

Your ears are a very sensitive area of your body, so it’s vital that whatever earbuds you wear are the perfect fit for you and feel comfortable - particularly if you’re wearing them whilst sleeping.

Kokoon’s Nightbuds have been designed with comfort as a priority as they’re made for back and side sleepers, so ensuring that they’re comfortable in bed was paramount when it came to the design process.

Nightbuds sit snugly in the ear and have been designed to be small and delicate. The material used is soft and malleable which means they can adapt to the shape of your ear. Plus the Nightbuds come with different size earbuds for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit.

What are the best earbuds for your preferred sleeping position?

If you’re a back sleeper, there are more options of earbuds and headphones for you to choose from. Whereas side sleepers will require an earbud design that is discrete and comfortable when lying on their side. This will often be in the form of an in-ear bud. 

In-ear buds like Nightbuds are the best option for side sleepers as they won’t interrupt your sleep, which means you can wear them throughout the night and in whatever position you prefer. As they’re in your ear they won’t be irritating and noticeable like many headphones and outer-ear designs. 

Sometimes you have to sacrifice style for comfort, however due to the intricate design process of the Nightbuds, you’ll see that no compromises have been made.

Noise masking or non-noise masking earbuds for sleep?

Noise masking headphones for sleep can be the perfect antidote to noisy neighbours, a snoring partner, road traffic and other loud disturbances. The MyKokoon app works with Nightbuds to mask noise by playing white noise as you drift off to sleep.

Smart sleep earbuds or ordinary earbuds?

If you want to monitor your sleep to help improve it, then smart sleep earbuds are the pair for you. Smart sleep earbuds like Kokoon’s science-backed Nightbuds, use sleep-monitoring technology such as EEG and motion-sensors to monitor your sleep so you can gain valuable insights such as: 

  • Your sleep efficiency score. 
  • The time it took you to fall asleep.
  • The time you spent asleep.

By working with the MyKokoon app (which also offers audio for sleep), you can view these insights every time you wear the Nightbuds in bed. 

Ordinary earbuds are great for listening to audio, especially if you want to hear a bit of bass and depth to your music. However, picking a pair of ordinary earbuds might not help with getting you to sleep.

Other criteria you should consider

  • The brand you’re buying from. Is it a reputable brand which offers great quality and customer support?
  • Wireless or non-wireless. Do you have a preference?
  • Are you buying your earbuds for solely sleep, just for audio or a mixture of both?
  • Do you want smart sleep technology built into your ear buds?

Best sleep earbuds on the market today

  • Kokoon Nightbuds
  • QuietOn 3 sleep earbuds
  • Nurabuds

1. Kokoon Nightbuds earbuds

Kokoon’s Nightbuds have been designed to help improve your sleep for the better. They’re noise-masking, sleep-monitoring and work with the MyKokoon app to adapt your audio for sleep.

Comfort and Fit

These tiny, soft, in-ear buds are perfect for side sleepers, easy to wear and comfortable. They’ve been meticulously designed so you can wear them in bed without discomfort, with a barely-there feel. As a result, you can wear them night after night. They also come with changeable in-ear tips so you can find your perfect fit.


Nightbuds use smart technology to monitor and gather sleep data each night you wear them. Using PPG & motion-sensor monitoring enables Kokoon to create sleep insights to help you improve the way you sleep.

Your ears provide a very accurate picture of what’s going on whilst you sleep. Our sensor data is more accurate than other well-known monitoring brands due to its positioning in the ear.


Sensor detection adapts audio as you drift off to sleep. It fades your audio, then introduces either coloured noise to mask disturbances or switches off your device. These adaptive audio features enable you to get more shut eye whilst listening to your favourite audio. 

The MyKokoon app also hosts some great audio for sleep to get you started. You can also use your favourite audio on Spotify whilst using the app.

Noise Masking

Nightbuds are noise masking which help to quieten external disturbances like snoring, noisy neighbours and traffic.


  • They’re ahead of the game when it comes to sleep technology and monitoring
  • They’ve been designed for comfort as a priority which means they’re perfect for side sleepers. 
  • You can use them with Spotify, so you can tune into your favourite audio. 
  • They’re noise masking, which means you can silence the world around you. 
  • They’re wireless.

 2. QuietOn 3 earbuds

QuietOns have been designed to work as an enhanced ear plug. They block noise using Active Noise Cancelling technology so the wearer can enjoy a quieter night’s sleep without disturbances.

Comfort and Fit

They are small and work for side sleepers due to their size. The shape of QuietOn 3 earbuds has been designed to reach the ear canal without stretching the tragus (a part of your outer ear), so as to avoid any excess discomfort. You can choose from a variety of foam tips so you can find the right fit for you.


The technology used by QuietOn enables external sounds to be cancelled. Any unwanted sound is reduced by adding another sound specifically made to cancel it out. The earbuds have a microphone that samples the unwanted sound and a speaker which creates another sound that cancels the original.


  • They’ve been designed for comfort and work well for side sleepers. 
  • They’re noise cancelling, which means you can stop external noises disturbing your sleep.
  • They’re wireless as they don’t need to connect to any device or gadget.

QuietOn vs. Kokoon

How do QuietOn 3 and Kokoon Nightbuds compare on comfort?

  • Both products have been designed for comfort and are great for back and side sleepers.
  • They both offer different size earbuds so you can find your perfect fit.
  • Nightbuds are softer and more malleable than QuietOns, so may be more beneficial for side sleepers.

How does QuietOn 3 and Kokoon Nightbuds compare on technology? 

  • QuietOns are designed to act as enhanced ear plugs and offer tech in the form of noise-cancelling technology. 
  • Nightbuds have been designed to mask noise with noise-masking technology, monitor sleep using EEG and motion sensors and act as a companion when it comes to improving your sleep for the long-term.

Nura earbuds

Nurabuds earbuds have been designed to cancel noise so you can focus on your audio. They’ve been designed for all-day music listening and can also work for listening to sleep audio when in bed. They offer a unique and immersive sound experience.

Comfort and Fit

You can choose from four ear tip options, including two wing attachments and two foam tips to find your perfect fit. As they’re in-ear rather than over-head they’re worth trying when in bed too.

Audio Technology

The earbuds use sensitive microphones to listen for otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) which contain information about the listener’s hearing. Their system learns about the wearer's hearing and then “creates a unique hearing profile” so they can provide an almost personalised listening experience, with unique detail and clarity. They’re also wireless.

Active Noise Cancellation

They reduce external disturbances such as commuter noise, noisy neighbours and a busy office, so you can focus on your audio.


  • They’re ahead of the game when it comes to creating a unique listening experience personal to each user. 
  • They’re small and discreet
  • You can use them with different kinds of music platforms, from Spotify to YouTube
  • They’re noise cancelling, which means you can block out external disturbances. 
  • They’re wireless.

Nurabuds vs. Kokoon

How do Nurabuds and Kokoon Nightbuds compare on comfort?

  • Both products have been designed for comfort, however, Nightbuds have been specifically designed for side sleepers. 
  • They both offer different size earbuds so you can find your perfect fit. 
  • Nightbuds are softer and more malleable than Nurabuds, so may be more beneficial for side sleepers.

How do Nurabuds and Kokoon Nightbuds compare on comfort? 

  • Nurabuds offer a unique sound experience with a focus on bass, whereas Nightbuds have a higher frequency sound which is good for coloured noise and nature sounds to help you fall asleep - without the bass. 
  • Nurabuds are great for music, whereas Nightbuds are great for audio and sleep monitoring.

Get started with sleep earbuds today

Choosing the best earbuds for sleep can be a very personal decision. There are some great leading products out there that offer different options when it comes to audio, sleep and relaxation. 

If you’re looking for an awesome set of earbuds that focus on just the quality of sound, then Nurabuds may be the pair for you. If you’re looking for earbuds that block noise and act as an elevated ear plug then QuietOn may be the pair for you. If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds that monitor your sleep, mask external noises and play any type of audio to improve your sleep, then Nightbuds should be your go-to pair. 

Next step: start by finding out more about Nightbuds to discover which pair work best for you.

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