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“Make drifting off a breeze”

“They really work... a valid ally for sleep”

“Sound asleep takes on a new meaning”

"These sleep headphones are a dream come true"

Nightbuds + Kokoon App = Better sleep

  • Comfort

    • Nightbuds are the world’s thinnest sleep buds that sit snug in the ear for the comfiest night’s sleep.
    • Perfect for side sleepers.
  • Audio

    • Enjoy Kokoon's library of carefully selected sleep meditations, soundscapes or switch to your favourite podcast.
    • Our 'smart fade out' feature senses as you drift off, fading audio out & masking disturbances with white noise.


Sensors, audio and comfortable noise-masking earbuds will transform your sleep.

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Nest Pillow

The perfect pillow for sleeping in all positions and for all body types!

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Your sleep insights

With your very own sleep and relaxation audio experience, you'll get the insights needed to keep you sleeping soundly.

The Kokoon app

Developed with sleep scientists, the Kokoon app works with your Nightbuds and Relax Headphones to help you sleep soundly, night after night.

Our sleep audio

Enjoy sounds created to help you get quality sleep. Choose from meditations, soundscapes, binaural beats and more.

Your audio, tailored for sleep

Use the app to listen to your favourite audio from Spotify to Apple podcasts. The app fades MyKokoon audio and plays white noise to mask disturbances as you fall asleep.

Binaural soundscapes

Optimised specifically for Nightbuds, our binaural soundscapes welcome you to get lost in an immersive sound experience.

Your sleep insights

With your very own sleep and relaxation audio experience, you'll get the insights needed to keep you sleeping soundly.

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Discover Noise Protection

Tiny earbuds that prioritise your comfort. Passive noise-masking design allows you to switch off wherever, whenever.

What They Say

"I have been using my Kokoon headphones now for three to four years and I sleep in them every single night! The headphones are also so comfortable compared to many other headphones designed and believe me I have tried a few."


"I was at my wits end about being woken by the slightest outside noise. Since using Kokoon, I have slept really well with them every night, no exception. My deep sleep is improving by the day."


"I have always struggled to get off to sleep and have tried everything. These headphones are the only thing that have worked. They've helped me get off to sleep so much more consistently that now I panic if I have forgotten to take them with me."


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Use the Kokoon app to listen to your favourite relaxation audio from anywhere. Nightbuds' sleep sensors will detect you falling asleep and fade your audio.


Retreat to calm in your very own Kokoon with your Nightbuds

Experience our immersive audio sample

Sleep Science

Developed by sleep scientists

We’ve worked with some of the world’s top sleep centres and scientists to bring you cutting-edge sleep technology. Our insights from thousands of users help us to determine what you need.

“Your sleep is unique, as is your path to better sleep. Kokoon uses innovative sleep-monitoring technology via a superior sensor placement in the ear to enhance your sleep, night after night.”

Dr Simon Merritt
Chief Medical Officer
Kokoon Technology


Nightbuds are the world's thinnest in-ear earbuds

They're perfect for side sleepers thanks to their size and sleek, comfortable design.

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Get the one that’s right for you


Smart noise-masking earbuds will help you to sleep better.

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£214 £267

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  • Comfort in bed

    Sitting snug in the ear, these tiny, soft earbuds are perfect for side sleepers.

  • Auto fade

    You'll experience audio auto-fade as you drift off, followed by optional white noise to mask disturbances.

  • Sleep data

    Sleep-monitoring sensors and technology help tailor your audio experience.

Nest Pillow

Keep cool at night with our Nest Pillow.

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£65 £109

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  • Temperature regulation

    One side, cool to touch with space suit fabric and active temperature regulation technology

  • Customizable

    Choose a preferred height and firmness of your pillow with removable CoolCubes

  • 100% natural materials

    Premium cotton especially optimized for softness on the skin

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Better days begin with better nights

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