The ultimate sleep sanctuary

The world's first sleep sensing headphones. Almost $2m raised and 10,000 sold on Kickstarter

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Features & Benefits

Sleep easier

Relax with one of the most effective natural ways to induce sleep: Audio.

Sleep better

Improve sleep quality, remove disruptions and protect regenerative deep sleep.

Wake restored

Feel alert and refreshed. Wake at the perfect point in your natural sleep cycle.

Understand your sleep

Identify bad sleep habits and understand what helps to improve your sleep.

Track your sleep

Measure over time to identify long term trends and track improvement.

Nap properly

Optimise time spent napping to wake refreshed and alert.

Mobile companion

The Kokoon mobile app is the perfect sleep companion. Our audio library helps you nod off whilst adjusting your audio to ensure you aren’t disturbed. What’s more, as you use the app it will learn about what the best techniques are to help you get to sleep.
When it’s time to wake, the intelligent alarm identifies the perfect point in your sleep cycle, ensuring you feel alert and refreshed.

Groundbreaking technologies

Exceptional sound

Powered by ONKYO

We’ve partnered with Onkyo Corporation to ensure that our product has truly world class audio.

We’ll be working with Onkyo’s acoustic engineers to craft the perfect audio ensuring that Kokoon will be a great pair of every day headphones as well.


Preorder Shipping late 2016

Kokoon couples package


What’s in the box?

Box contains
  • 2 x Kokoon headphones
  • 2 x Leather travel case
  • 2 x USB charging cable
  • 2 x Optional audio lead
  • 2 x Kokoon sleep mask
  • 2 x Good sleep guide
  • 2 x User manual
- 1 +
Preorder Shipping late 2016

Kokoon sleep sensing headphones


What’s in the box?

Box contains
  • Kokoon headphones
  • Leather travel case
  • USB charging cable
  • Optional audio lead
  • Kokoon sleep mask
  • Good sleep guide
  • User manual
- 1 +