Best sleep music

Best sleep music

It’s likely you’ve listened to sleep music at some point in your life, whether you realised it at the time or not. Sleep music can help you to fall asleep thanks to its relaxing and stress-relieving tempo, rhythm and sound. There are many different types of sleep audio to choose from, which means there’s something to tune into for everyone. 

If you haven’t tried listening to sleep music to help you nod off and you’re looking for a little help, then we’ve got you covered, as we’ve picked some of the best sleep music available. All you have to do is press play and try a sleep track or two, to see which one works best for you.

What is music for sleep?

Music for sleep involves tuning into relaxing styles of music before and/or during sleep to help you fall and stay asleep. Each track’s purpose is to create a calm, relaxing environment and chilled mindset. Music for sleep includes, but is not limited to, classical, meditation, chill out and nature sounds.

How sleep music works

How it works 

Sleep music can be a powerful resource to help you switch off and fall asleep in a natural way. Music in general can have a strong effect on the mind and body. Think about when you listen to your favourite song - you experience a rush of energy and happiness that can often release serotonin. Similar effects can happen when you listen to relaxing music. Your breathing can slow in response to the calming sounds, which can also lower your heart rate and blood pressure, ease muscle tension and make you feel more relaxed. It can also help to trigger serotonin and oxytocin, which are hormones that ‘encourage’ sleep. 

A meta-analysis study found that relaxing sleep music can be used “to improve sleep quality.” Whilst another meta-analysis found that sleep music can work for those suffering with insomnia, hightligting that tuning into relaxing music is most likely the best option when it comes to music intervention for insomnia.

There are many benefits of sleep music which are widely documented in studies such as these, spotlighting their benefits on short-term sleep disorders and more chronic disorders.

Other benefits include experiencing moments of calm after a busy day, calming racing thoughts whilst in bed and de-stressing if life gets on top of you. 

Why people use it 

There are many reasons people choose music intervention for better sleep. Some of the main reasons are that it’s affordable, it’s a natural, drug-free method and it has seen some great, proven results for many years. There’s a vast array of sleep music choices online making it easy to find and also easy to try different styles helping you to see which one works for you.

Best music to help you sleep

Sleep Meditation - Rain by The Yoga Bunny

What is it: This 15-minute Spotify audio is a well-known guided sleep meditation. It has been designed to help you fall asleep when you’re feeling anxious or uneasy and it focuses on helping you reach a state of deep relaxation. All you need to do is lie back and listen. You can find it on Spotify, YouTube or on The Yoga Bunny’s website. 

Why choose it: Choose this meditation if you want the science-backed sounds of nature to send you to sleep.

Guided Meditation For Sleep & Relaxation by BoHo Beautiful Yoga

What is it: This audio features soothing sounds of rainfall alongside guided meditation to help you fall asleep swiftly. There’s also calming music to accompany the guided audio and rainfall. 

Why choose it: Sounds of nature and music have both been linked to positive changes in sleep and a better overall sleep experience.

Escape To The Ocean by Kokoon

What is it: This 3-minute audio features the calming sounds of the ocean and offers a spiritual, stress-relieving experience. At only 3 minutes long, you can either loop this audio or use it for a quick calm-down tool during the day.

Why choose it: If you want to escape to the seaside without the hassle, this sleep music track will float your boat.

The Blue Forest Binaural Beats Sleep Music

What is it: This 9-hour sleep music track can help relieve insomnia and stress with its binaural beats. It helps you to fall asleep with ease thanks to its binaural forest sounds. Offering a deep and relaxing 9-hours of escapism. 

Why choose it: It’s easy to listen to and requires no concentration. It’s also a little bit different from the norm 

Classical Music For Sleeping

What is it: This audio features 4 hours of gentle, classical music from composers such as Mozart and Chopin. 

Why choose it: Classical music has been proven to help you relax and drift off with ease, so why not give this sleep-inducing classical compilation a go?

Relaxing Sleep Music. Deep Sleeping Music, Relaxing Music, Stress Relief, Meditation Music (Flying)

What is it: With 340 million listens, this audio features sleep music by Peder B. Helland that offers stress relief and meditation. At 3-hours long, it’s the perfect track to wind down and fall asleep to. 

Why choose it: It’s an all-time YouTube favourite and can help you feel totally relaxed and soothed whenever you need it most.

Baroque Music Collection

What is it: You’ve probably heard how baroque music can boost brain power, decrease blood pressure, improve learning efficiency and bring about a calm state of mind (to name a few). Well this 3-hour baroque playlist can help with those things and also encourage a better night’s sleep. The playlist features Vivaldi, Bach and Corelli, all well-known for their beautiful music. 

Why choose it: Even if you don’t like classical music, this playlist may change your mind. It’s soothing, totally chilled and can do the world of good for you and your ability to relax and sleep.

Camping Under The Stars by Kokoon

What is it: This 20-minute sleep music track makes you feel as though you’re camping under the stars. It features the sounds of a crackling fire and wind whilst you stay cosied up inside.

Why choose it: Kokoon’s sound engineers have created this soundscape especially to help calm your mind and induce feelings of deep relaxation, ready for a night of quality sleep.

Deep Sleep by Spotify

What is it: Spotify has their own deep sleep playlist that features 270 songs. It includes a variety of soothing tracks described as minimalist and ambient, hand-picked for a night of deep sleep. 

Why choose it: This playlist is a great starting point for finding the sleep music you actually like.

Deep Sleep Relaxing Music

What is it: This is a 2-hour deep sleep music track that has been designed to help you drift off with ease. With 58 million listens, it’s one of the most-listened to sleep audios on Youtube.

Why choose it: This is the perfect playlist to wind down and relax to.

How to use sleep music audio

Music for sleep is most effective when you can get the following things right:

  • Find the right audio for you. 
  • Optimise your environment.
  • Find the right time to listen. 
  • Listen to your audio as often as you can. 
  • Use the MyKokoon app (available on the App Store or Play Store)

1. Find the right sleep music for you

There are so many different tracks out there, so picking the best one for you can be tough. Start by working your way through our list, until you find your favourite. Or mix it up and keep listening to different tracks.

2. Optimise your environment

Listen to your chosen music with headphones that mask external disturbances. Kokoon’s Nightbuds are noise masking and the perfect choice if you want the ultimate undisturbed sleep experience, wherever you’re listening.

3. Find the right time to listen

Try to listen when you’re home alone or when there’s minimal chance of getting disturbed.

4. Listen as often as you can

Once you’ve found the music that helps you fall asleep, make sure you listen to it as often as you can. Consistency is the key here to boost the chances of a positive outcome.

5. Use the MyKokoon app

Listen to your favourite sleep music alongside the MyKokoon app (available on the App Store or Play Store), so when you do start to fall asleep, the app will play white noise to mask disturbances.

Get started with music that makes you sleep

Not sure where to start? Pick one of the best sleep music tracks featured in this article and listen before or whilst in bed tonight. Start with Kokoon’s Escape To The Ocean track and see where music for sleep will take you.


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