February Soundscapes

February Soundscapes

We've made it through the 100 days (or what feels like) of January! Took a while, didn't it?

We hope you had a great start to 2024, and that you've managed to make (some) progress with your New Year's resolutions.

Here is February's Kokoon playlist to get you going this month.

Soothing Relaxation - Feelings

It's February, the month of love - and this playlist will give you that warm fuzzy feeling.

Soothing Relaxation - Autumn Colours

Shh... We know it's not autumn - but it still needed to make an appearance on our playlist.


alexrainbirdMusic - Feb 24 indie compilation 

 I'm a massive, massive indie fan myself - and some of these hit just the spot for those relaxing evening's, winding down from a busy day at work.


Relax Cafe Music - Happy February Jazz

 Taking your loved one to a romantic jazz cafe this Valentine's Day? Maybe not,  


nobody - 'a playlist to make you feel like you're floating in the atmosphere'

Ever wished you could travel into space? You might not with this playlist - but you'll certainly feel like it.


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