Kokoon FAQ Videos

It's been nearly six months since we launched the Philips Sleep Headphones - and your feedback has been amazing.

It's great to hear how many of you have had your sleep drastically improved through audio.

However, as always, there have been a number of questions around the product - and we wanted to address these as much as possible.

CEO and co-founder Tim takes you through some of our most asked questions in the videos below.

My headphones are uncomfortable!

It can require a bit of test and learn to get your headphones feeling comfortable while sleeping. Tim takes you through his advice and tips below.


My headphones aren't blocking out sound?

Philips Sleep Headphones don't use active noise cancellation (ANC) or noise blocking technologies. Tim takes you through this decision and his tips below.


My sound quality isn't great!

Making the world's thinnest earbuds sound great required making that seal inside of your ear fit as snug as possible. Find out through Tim below how he manages to do this.


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