Kokoon Relax Version 2.7: Better Sound to Sleep

man relaxing with Kokoon sleep headphones

We are delighted to release version 2.7 of the Kokoon Relax app to the App store and Google Play store. v2.7 includes the following updates:

  1. Updated firmware for the headphones including modified EQ settings to improve how the headphones sound
  2. Enabled sleep tracking with external audio (e.g. Spotify and YouTube)
  3. Improvements made to the crossfading and looping of audio
  4. Added white noise, pink noise, and brown noise tracks to the audio library
  5. Miscellaneous bug fixes

You can download the new version of the app directly from the App store and Google Play store. The firmware update for v2.7 will appear as a notification within the app and if you come across any issues, please refer to our troubleshooting guide here.

Improved EQ settings

What is EQ?

EQ stands for equalisation and is the process of changing the balance of different frequencies of audio. Your Kokoon Headphones use a digital equaliser and our sound engineers can adjust the balance of the digital equaliser to improve the clarity of audio reproduction.

What changes did we make and what does it mean for your Kokoon audio experience?

The current sound from the headphones lacked some clarity in the voice and treble range (the higher sound frequencies), so this has been boosted by our sound engineers for a more balanced sound with strong bass and clearer treble. Our engineers tested these changes with special audio testing equipment and various Kokoon headphone users.

graph showing changes to the EQ of kokoon sleep headphones
A frequency response curve showing the original EQ (in blue) and EQ changes made to the Kokoon Headphones. You can find out more about frequency response curves here

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new sound profile, the changes are subtle and we’re planning to make more. Do get back to us with your feedback.

Enabled sleep tracking with external audio

With v2.7 you can now use your headphones and Kokoon app to track your sleep when using audio from other apps. Apps supported include all the major media players such as Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

To use sleep tracking with another app, you need to make sure you have the Kokoon Relax app open first and running in the background. As you listen to the audio for your sleep through your headphones, the Kokoon app will be capturing your sleep data like normal.

Each external audio track will appear in your “My History” section of the Kokoon Relax app as “Other audio”.

audio library view of Kokoon Relax mobile appExternal audio track in the My History section of the Kokoon Relax app

By selecting “Your Sleep Data” on the bottom right of the audio track, you will be able to view your sleep onset score, session overview and hypnogram. If you would like to learn more about our sleep tracking, please read the notes from our v2.6 update here.

Please also note, you need to listen to audio through your headphones for more than 2.5 hours during sleep to see a complete hypnogram. You will also need a good connection to the internet.

Improvements made to crossfading of audio

Our developers have been improving the crossfading feature following feedback from some of our users who were hearing a “pause” during the transition and looping of audio through the Kokoon Relax app.

Coloured noise

We are excited to release “Coloured Noise” to the Kokoon Relax app. You can now enjoy White, Pink and Brown Noise for your sleep and relaxation.

coloured noise on the Kokoon Relax Mobile app
Coloured noise in the Kokoon Relax app

You may be familiar with white noise which is similar to the static noise heard from a television being tuned, however, Pink and Brown noise have also been shown to improve your sleep and relaxation (read more on this here):

  1. White noise is commonly used to help sleep as the sound is soothing and helps mask background noise. It is a consistent sound containing every frequency within the range of human hearing
  2. Pink noise is similar to white noise and is a great alternative for helping you sleep and relax. Pink noise has the volume of higher frequencies reduced which produces sound that some people find more relaxing compared to white noise
  3. Brown noise has the volume of high frequencies reduced even further than pink noise. It produces a deeper sound, resembling the roar of a strong wind which many people find helpful for getting to sleep

    We will be continuing to add new content to our app as we move forward. Please do let us know how you get on with coloured noise for your sleep and relaxation. We would also love to hear about other audio content that you have used for your sleep and relaxation.

    Miscellaneous bug fixes

    We have resolved several other app bug fixes including:

    1. Some of our Android users who were upgrading from 2.6 were experiencing crashes when using the app. This has now been resolved through fixes to the local database
    2. We have made enhancements to the tracking of sleep data from your headphones which should further improve the accuracy of your detailed historical view

      Upcoming features

      Work on 2.8 is ongoing and we will be keeping you up to date with progress. Our team are currently working on numerous UI/UX changes and app bug fixes that will improve your overall experience and navigation of the app. We are also planning to translate the app into different languages (starting with the German language!) to support our growing global community of Kokoon users.


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