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As a Kokoon Premium Member you will have access to:

• Access to our full sleep content library – from soundscapes to body scans, sounds of the sea to the nightly shipping forecast

• Full audio fade out functionality. Drift off to sleep and we’ll do the rest – fading out your audio and introducing coloured noise

• Nightly data to empower your sleep – what audio helped you drift off, how many hours of blissful sleep you’ve had and more!

*£35 GBP/year afterwards.

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The world's thinnest earbuds, designed for ultimate sleep comfort

Our patented audio fade-out feature and advanced noise masking technology ensure a great nights sleep each and every night!

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Customer Reviews

"I was at my wits end about being woken by the slightest outside noise. Since using Kokoon, I have slept really well with them every night, no exception. My deep sleep is improving by the day."


"I have been using my Kokoon headphones now for three to four years and I sleep in them every single night! The headphones are also so comfortable compared to many other headphones designed and believe me I have tried a few."


"I have always struggled to get off to sleep and have tried everything. These headphones are the only thing that have worked. They've helped me get off to sleep so much more consistently that now I panic if I have forgotten to take them with me."


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Just check out our reviews and customer testimonial video. The control unit sits at the nape of the neck and at just 7cm wide it's tiny and barely detectable whilst you sleep. Our earbuds are the thinnest in the world so sit flush with the ear meaning they're comfortable in all positions.

Absolutely! The difference between our headphones and others on the market is ours are specifically designed for sleep. The cable design allows free movement without getting tangled and maintaining comfort throughout the night.

Yes! We know many of our customers love listening to audio books, youtube, spotify or meditation apps. Listen to whatever audio helps you relax most.

Fully charged, Philips Sleep Headphones will work throughout the night, for up to 11-hours of usage. We recommend plugging it in once a day after you've woken up to ensure it's always ready to go for a full nights sleep!

Absolutely! These have been designed and tested for many hours ensuring they last for even the most 'active' of sleepers! WIth this being the second generation of our sleep headphones, we paid special attention to durability. The cable design allows for plenty of movement through the night.

Here at Kokoon we don’t use active noise cancelling, we use noise masking as it has been shown to be more effective at protecting sleep from disturbances. 

Noise Masking works by introducing an ambient level of sound across all audio frequencies. This ambient level of sound means that external noises are masked and less able to disturb our relaxation or sleep.

When used correctly, Noise masking is considerably more effective at protecting our rest and relaxation than other technologies such as Active Noise Cancellation.

This is because it is not fighting the sound to try to find silence but instead is enabling our hearing to naturally adjust to tolerate sounds without being disturbed.

We recommend that you take some time to find the perfect sized earbud sleeves as this creates a better seal in the ear, reducing airflow, allowing for better audio and will help to reduce disturbances further. 

So if you’re looking for ANC headphones, unfortunately this isn’t the right product for you.