4 steps to a better night’s sleep

What works to help you sleep and unwind is personal to you. There's no "one size fits all" solution. Kokoon works with you, your body and your environment to create the ultimate sleep experience.


Grab a pair of Philips Sleep Headphones


Complete your online sleep profile and download Kokoon app.


Pair your headphones to the app and choose from your own sleep audio or from ours.


We fade your audio as you drift off, then introduce coloured noise to mask out disturbances.

Comfortable headphones

Our award-winning, sleep-monitoring headphones were designed with comfort in mind.

Wear them through the night in bed, or while you relax on the sofa.

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Positioned for accuracy

Your ears provide a very accurate picture of what’s going on whilst you sleep.

That's why our sleep sensors are located in the ear buds and known to have more accurate sleep monitoring than other well-known brands

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Audio Designed For Sleep

They work alongside your favourite audio app or you can select from our audio library with tracks specifically designed to support sleep.

Listen to 360° soundscapes, storyscapes, CBT practices, mediations and more.

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Smart sleep features

Our headphones and app work together to deliver a sleep experience like never before.

  • Adaptive audio: We fade your audio and introduce optional white noise as you drift off to sleep
  • Sleep monitoring: Discrete sensors measure your sleep and relaxation
  • Sleep insights: Discover understandable insights about your sleep that'll help you get more from your slumber
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