All night long - MyKokoon update

All night long - MyKokoon update

In our last update, we shared a little insight into ‘the Kokoon’ itself, and how our team of developers, designers, scientists and sleep scientists were working through the night in a ‘5 to 9’ to test and develop our system for sleep.

This week, we are excited to invite our Kokoon Relax customers to join us, with Sleep Insights now available in MyKokoon on Android.

Whilst we had hoped to launch Sleep Insights on both platforms simultaneously, iOS has been a tougher nut to crack. Whilst we are now very nearly ready to launch, we took the decision to complete an additional layer of testing to ensure we were happy to launch the feature, rather than risk causing our iOS members any confusion or disappointment around bedtime. Therefore, we will be delivering Android, with iOS following hot on it’s heels.

What’s new


As many of us emerge from lockdown with new clothes, a new haircut, or a new attitude, so does MyKokoon. This release will include the first glimpse of MyKokoon’s new look, beginning with the new homepage Audio Player.

We know that for many of our members, ambient sounds or music provide the space or background for other audio; this creates the concept of your own sound ‘Kokoon’.

Swipe left or right to find the Kokoon space that hits the right note for you. If music or spoken word is more your jam, choose a track from our Library and play this over the top, adjusting the volume to suit you.


Your sleep is unique. For struggling sleepers in particular, tracking sleep with benchmarks, targets and measures can be both misleading, and damaging to your sleep, compounding a sense of anxiety and dread. This is contributing to a condition widely known as Orthosomnia.

Sleep is an amazing physiological experience, which we believe should be enjoyable and relaxing, not anxiety inducing or assessed. Rather than focusing on parts of our sleep that are beyond our control (such as depth, or length) we monitor and improve the things which we can change to have the most positive impact to our sleep.

Sleep Efficiency - commonly used in CBT-I, is the measure of total time in bed / time spent asleep in bed. It provides a more holistic picture of your sleep.

Onset - you know the feeling, laying in bed staring at the ceiling and willing your mind to slow down. MyKokoon works to reduce the time it takes to sleep by drawing correlations with the audio and behaviours that improve your personal sleep onset the most.

Variance - keeping a consistent routine is crucial. We measure the variance at your sleep times, to help find the optimal sleep schedule for you, and stick to it.

Disturbances - we’re fans of noise here at Kokoon. By monitoring disturbances, MyKokoon can help with tips and tools to keep you dreaming with beach waves, colour noise, or even Lionel Ritchie... all night long.

Insights - whilst monitoring your sleep, MyKokon works behind the scenes to draw correlations between the actions or audio that you choose, and the impact that it has on your sleep. Forget that feeling of having tried it all - now you can focus on the things that work the best for you.

We’ve been testing the nightbuds as early risers, midnight wanderers, daytime nappers and intermittent drifters to design a sleep data system that works for even the least predictable night sleeps. For MyKokoon, the night is still young; the more sleep data that is input, the richer it’s insights it will output over time for our members.

Found yourself in a sleep scenario which MyKokoon doesn’t account for? Help us to refine the Kokoon experience by sharing your feedback here.

That’s all for now!

You can connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or our Community Board. Our Board was designed for you to request new content or features, comment on ideas from other members or just see what we are up to.

If you know someone who didn’t get around to backing us on Kickstarter, make sure to tell them we are currently live on Indiegogo!

Thank you again! Till next time,

Team Kokoon


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