How Kokoon was born

How Kokoon was born


Sleep (noun): the natural state of rest during which your eyes are closed and you become unconscious.

Sleep (reality): the phenomenon you often hear about and may remember experiencing as a child.

Modern life and the anxiety, stress, alcohol, nicotine, noises and disturbances it carries with it have turned this supposedly natural state of being into a myth thirty percent of the world’s population are wishing they were able to dream about. Many are now finding that a third of their lives are being wasted lying awake at night desperately trying to wish themselves into a state of unconscious bliss.

It was during one of these sleepless nights that the idea for Kokoon was born. Not wanting to turn to medication and frustrated by the lack of physical, natural solutions out there it was decided something needed to be done. Despite audio being the most effective form of sleep therapy there is little to effectively facilitate it. Headphones get hot and sweaty, music wakes you up just as you’ve drifted off and the dull humdrum of the outside world still manages to seep into your unconscious.

The idea of Kokoon headphones is to eradicate all of these problems presenting one with a simple, comfortable, audio induced, noise cancelling sleep sanctuary.

It started with comfort; people don’t go to bed to put on extra accessories so the headphones needed to be something people would enjoy wearing whilst asleep. This meant we had to move away from the general headphone design and put more focus on the shape and profile; the FlexMould ear cups were the product of this. Moulding to the shape of your head and lined with cotton and breathable ‘Cool Gel’, extra pillows for your ears have been created and the low energy Bluetooth and extended eleven hour battery life mean wires are no longer a problem.

Now we are comfortable, we want to ensure the audio we are using to induce our slumber isn’t then going to come back and wake us up just as we were entering a deep, restorative sleep. This led to the development of our brain state sensors. The embedded EEG sensors are used to monitor brain activity and determine your sleep state to ensure the audio is kept in line with your sleep cycle; turning it down as you enter deep sleep and bringing it back up at the optimal time within your alarm setting. With white noise used to keep you asleep and active noise cancellation blocking out the humdrum of the outside world; a sleep sanctuary is being created. Simplicity has always been key with the design so all you will have to do is press play.

The contemporary, consumer world we live in has left us constantly on the lookout for the next exercise, diet or super-food set to transform our lives when in fact all we may need is a little extra shut eye. Happiness, health, fitness, moods, productivity, focus and learning are all severely impacted by how much or how little sleep we get. Previously sleep has been viewed as a time wasting weakness but now more people are beginning to wake up to the health and mind benefits it provides. F.Scott Fitzgerald observed that “The worst thing in the world is to try to sleep and not to”, so let’s stop with this nonsense and get ourselves back into that natural state of rest and unconscious we keep hearing so much about.


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