Kokoon's new chapter - We are partnering with TP Vision to bring you our next sleep innovation

Kokoon's new chapter - We are partnering with TP Vision to bring you our next sleep innovation

Kokoon, is today pleased to announce its partnership with leaders in consumer electronics TP Vision, licensee of the Philips brand for TV & Sound. The new Philips N7808 headphones, combine Kokoon’s expertise in sleep science and ergonomics with over 100 years of experience in building quality products and great acoustics. It offers the perfect answer to the misery of disturbed sleep by helping wearers fall asleep more easily, while also protecting any sleep from outside disturbances. The ultimate sleep solution designed for a good night’s sleep. The N7808 are available on pre order here currently reduced from the RRP of £249.99 to £174.99.

Announcing Philips Sleep Headphones

Designed with comfort in mind, and the thinnest sleep earbuds in the world, snugly fit the shape of an ear making it a perfect choice for side sleepers. The N7808 sleep headphones relocate the main electronic components away from the earbud and into a shallow enclosure mounted – but typically not felt while lying – behind the head. This allows the N7808’s sleepbuds to have the smallest profile measuring just 6mm thick – aided by the use of balanced armature drivers - as opposed to the more normal 20+mm body of most earbuds. The tiny size also makes the N7808 easy and comfortable to keep in the ear all night long. Sensors within the earbuds monitor the users sleep pattern to adapt the audio delivery and to auto fade audio as the user drift off.

Developed together with sleep scientists, the Kokoon app works seamlessly with the Philips Sleep Headphones. Powerful biosensors detect as a user falls asleep and automatically adjust sound levels to help an individual fall asleep faster whilst intelligent white noise masking protects from disturbances all night long. The N7808 works with the Kokoon App to improve the understanding and management of a wearer’s sleep which is continuously monitored via accelerometers and a tiny, optical heart rate monitor within the earbud that works by shining light into the skin and measuring how light is scattered from a body’s blood flow. The information can then be combined to help users better understand and navigate a path to better sleep. Users can choose from a library of specialist sleep content including meditations, soundscapes, binaural beats and more whilst comprehensive real-time data, including personalised sleep patterns and trends, can all be viewed in one place. 

External noises are usually the main reason for disturbed sleep. The N7808’s sleepbuds have excellent noise isolation that works in combination with an intelligent noise masking feature that uses specially tuned, slowly introduced, white noise to smooth out peaks in external sound that can disrupt sleep. The N7808 have a ten-hour battery life and can also be used to make calls and stream music including Apple Music, Audible, Spotify, YouTube, the Calm and Headspace Apps or via the Kokoon App.

About Kokoon:

Kokoon is a Venture Capital backed leader in consumer sleep technology. The team features leading sleep experts from Europe's largest sleep clinic with decades of experience helping people sleep. From the world’s most famous athletes to chronic insomniacs we’ve helped over 1 million sleeps with our products.

Founded in 2013 Kokoon came about as a result of a personal struggle with insomnia. Kokoon’s founder Tim Antos struggled with work related insomnia and after attending many sessions at a sleep clinic, he wanted to make getting access to the life-changing insights and techniques he was introduced to accessible and convenient for all. 

“I wanted to make all the knowledge, advice and tools I learnt in the sleep clinic more accessible to the everyday consumer to use on their own terms.”- Tim Antos, Founder

Tim realised that there was a need for a more consumer-friendly solution that better fitted within modern lifestyles and could be used irrespective of the frequency or severity of a person’s issue. With the advances in data, science and sensing technologies, Tim and fellow engineer and co-founder Richard came up with the concept behind Kokoon. Visit https://kokoon.io  for more information on Kokoon Technology.

A high res image of the N7808 can be accessed here

About TP Vision

TP Vision Europe B.V. is registered in the Netherlands, with its head office in Amsterdam. TP Vision is a wholly owned company of TPV Technology Limited (‘TPV’), one of the world’s leading monitor and TV manufacturers.

Founded in 2012, TP Vision is today one of the largest global players in the consumer TV and audio industries. It develops, manufactures and markets consumer electronics products and technologies that offer a superior audio and visual experience.

With a strong focus on the consumer and hospitality market, TP Vision’s product portfolio includes consumer audio products and televisions, professional displays and content operation systems. These products, and solutions, are brought to market through TP Vision's own brand AOC, as well as the Philips brand, used under license from Koninklijke Philips N.V. 


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