Production at full steam

Production at full steam

London calling

A fairly brief update this time as nothing too exciting from an engineering perspective and no major developments (thankfully!) over at the factory. We've now shipped about 700 with roughly another 1,800 either awaiting address confirmations or enroute to customers.

The factory are midway through a large production run of approximately 11,000 units (which will cover all backers). So far this big run is going well and will begin shipping out in batches of 2k later this week (first batch currently scheduled to leave the factory on the 20th) with all remaining units currently scheduled to have been shipped from the factory before the end of August. It will take some time for these to then work their way around our distribution network (roughly 1-3 weeks depending on territory) and we expect the majority of backers will be receiving address confirmation e-mails week of the 30th August with devices arriving soon after.

MyKokoon 3.0 release

The MyKokoon app is a continually evolving platform with an exciting pipeline of features to come. With data processing now implemented with nightbuds and MyKokoon, we are one step closer to fulfilling our goal of creating a superior audio experience for people who listen to sounds in bed.

We’re excited by the potential that combining audio with data has - whether that’s fading out your sounds to coloured noise when you fall asleep, waking you at the lightest (and least groggy!) point of sleep in the morning, or reporting on sleep efficiency.

So, how’s the first month been?

Restless. With any new software launch, the sudden introduction of new users into the experience has been invaluable in uncovering previously hidden errors, and understanding alternative use cases and sleep patterns that the app must cater for.

Our first month as planned has focused heavily on listening and responding to the first feedback of our customers, working behind the scenes to iron out creases for our early adopters. As we reach the completion of this initial launch phase, we next begin the rollout of the app’s new design, with a continued focus on bringing you the best sound experience to fall asleep to:


  • Spotify integration
  • A fresh look for our audio library
  • Favourite feature
  • Tutorial cards, introducing sleep science concepts to help guide you on how best to use MyKokoon’s features for your sleep.

Refinements / in progress

  • Sleep data processing and reporting
  • Battery indicator reliability
  • Looping button usability

Our ambition is to bring the best of sleep science out of the lab, and into lifestyle. This is made possible with our team of sleep scientists and CBT-I experts, but also with the feedback and suggestions of our members.

Help guide how we design the solution to work for you by leaving your feedback here:

That’s all for now! As always, let us know what you think in the comments.

You can connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or our Community Board. Please keep an eye on your e-mails if you are still waiting so we can get your unit out to you as swiftly as possible.

Thank you again! Till next time,

Team Kokoon


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