Fall Asleep to the Sounds of Wimbledon

Fall Asleep to the Sounds of Wimbledon

No, really.

When you think of falling asleep to calming and relaxing sounds, you may not think of the grunts of tennis players whacking balls over a net at break-neck speed. However, we’re here to show you that the buzz of Wimbledon can help you to not only unwind, but drift off to sleep too.

If you can’t get tickets this year, no worries - we’ve got you covered.

Our relaxation audio takes the classic rhythms of Wimbledon - including volleys, pops of racquets, the hum of spectators and the opening of champagne bottles - and turns them into a tranquil and immersive experience - transporting you straight to Centre Court.

As you listen to the track you’ll begin to unwind and your heart rate will naturally slow as you relax and eventually drift off to sleep. Our Wimbledon Tennis audio slows right down as the track progresses, mimicking your chilled out, sleep-ready state.

Why Is Audio So Good For Sleep & Relaxation?

Audio is a great way to cover external disturbances and noise, especially when you listen using Kokoon’s Nightbuds, which mask external noise, so you can sink into your audio without distraction.

Listening to audio to help you unwind and sleep can be really rewarding, especially if you struggle to drift off, plus it’s a natural way to hit the hay, with very little effort on your part.

A 2011 study (1) by Weiland et al., set out to determine whether audio could calm and relax patients who ended up in the emergency department and if their self-rated levels of anxiety could be affected by “exposure to purpose-designed music or sound compositions”. The study involved listening to 20-minute tracks that were purpose-designed by composers and recording artists. They found that in moderately anxious patients, anxiety was reduced after listening to these original sound compositions. Ultimately helping them to relax and feel calmer.

Our Wimbledon track can work in the same way. With its repetitive rhythms, the track works to lull your senses into total calm and serenity.

Have a listen and see what you think.

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1. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.5694/mja10.10662


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