Kokoon November Update: MP2 Shipment and App Update

Kokoon November Update: MP2 Shipment and App Update

Welcome to another Kokoon update.

We’re pleased to say, that manufacturing has been continuing well since our last update, with headphones regularly shipping out.

Now the line is up and running, we are manufacturing runs of headphones monthly, with inspections and tweaks to production processes being implemented after each run. With each new run, we increase the number of headphones we produce, as we improve the process.

We’re now producing thousands of headphones each month.

Our second manufacturing run, MP2, ready to ship

It’s important for us to manage the logistics, customs, taxation, and customer support processes associated with deliveries effectively.

We are therefore adding new geographical regions for delivery with each manufacturing run in a systematic manner.

Shipping Schedule

Our shipping schedule is as follows:

I’m sorry that for some of you, this means you have to wait another month or two for your delivery, but please rest assured that we’re doing everything we can to get headphones out as fast as possible.

How will I know when mine are coming?

When we’re preparing your headphones for shipment, we will send an email to confirm your delivery address. Shortly after this, you’ll receive tracking information when your headphones have dispatched.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a specific date for the delivery of your individual order until you receive this email.

Should you have any specific questions, please email us at: support@kokoon.io. This is the only channel where we’ll be able to access your order history and specifics.

App Update

Since our last update, work has been ongoing to improve the app experience. We received a lot of feedback and ideas from our customers on how we can keep improving the app and we’re working some of these into future releases of the app.

We’re preparing to release a new version of the app (v2.3) now with the following changes:

  • Migrating to a new audio player for the Android app. This migration will significantly improve audio playback, enabling smoother track looping and crossfading between tracks, to give users a more seamless audio experience.
  • In the current release of the app (v2.2) the audio library is only updated when the app is opened. The new version will now keep in sync with the latest audio updates and track additions without needing to re-open the app improving the user experience in the library
  • Fixing bugs with the Facebook login option
  • Improved White Noise playback handling. The iOS and Android versions of the app handled the introduction of white noise slightly differently, which caused some issues. These have now been aligned.
  • Various other bug fixes and UI improvements

This latest build is now being tested by the team and, once testing is completed, is scheduled to hit the App Store and Play Store in the coming days.

Sleep sensing update

Since our last update, we have also been building the detailed sleep history feature. This includes work both on the app and its associated cloud services, for the display and storage of a user’s sleep data.

For the app, we have been working on our graph displays, breaking down sleep into stages (i.e. what sleep scientists call hypnograms).

On the cloud services side, we are currently building the structure required to hold the raw sensor data and the sleep data outputted by our sleep staging algorithm. This algorithm uses the raw sensor data from the headphones (sent to the cloud services via the app) to calculate the sleep stages. As the detailed sleep history graphs will be calculated in the cloud, a user’s new sleep data will appear in the app when the phone is connected to the internet.

Our algorithm uses sensor data from our EEG sensors and Accelerometer to predict the users sleep state (i.e. awake, light sleep, deep sleep or REM sleep). We have recently increased the data rate of our accelerometer sensor, to increase performance, and are currently training our system on the new higher data rate.

That’s all for now. We’ll be sharing an update on MP3 production as soon as possible.

As always, we love hearing from you either through email, our website kokoon.io or through our social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But please remember, for the quickest response, please contact us via our support email, support@kokoon.io.

Best wishes,

Tim and The Kokoon Team



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