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Manufacturing and Shipping update - Nov 18

Manufacturing and Shipping update - Nov 18

I’m pleased to announce that after over four years of development, hundreds of prototypes and many thousands of hours testing, Kokoon headphones are now being shipped to customers

I am truly grateful for the patience of all Kokoon customers.

I really wish we could have started delivering sooner, but I did not want to compromise the quality of our final product. Seeing all the great feedback we receive from our first deliveries has made the pain of the extended development all worthwhile.

We’re still working on more features for the headphones and more content, the Kokoon experience will keep improving, and of course we are accelerating manufacturing and deliveries as quickly as possible.

Thank you again for your confidence and support for Kokoon on this journey.


We perform monthly manufacturing runs of headphones, with inspections and tweaks to production processes being implemented after each run. With each new run, we increase the number of headphones we produce as we improve the process.

Our second manufacturing run, MP2, ready to ship

We’re now producing thousands of headphones each month.

You can see a video of the manufacturing process from inside our factory below

It’s important for us to manage the logistics, customs, taxation, and customer support processes associated with deliveries effectively.

We are therefore adding new geographical regions for delivery with each manufacturing run in a systematic manner.


Our shipping schedule is as follows:

I’m sorry that for some of you, this means you have to wait another month or two for your delivery, but please rest assured that we’re doing everything we can to get headphones out as fast as possible.


When we’re preparing your headphones for shipment, we will send an email to confirm your delivery address. Shortly after this you’ll receive tracking information when your headphones have dispatched.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a specific date for the delivery of your individual order until you receive this email.

Should you have any specific questions, please email us at: support@kokoon.io. This is the only channel where we’ll be able to access your order history and specifics.

I will continue to keep you up to date via the regular emails each month.

Best wishes and thanks again for your patience and continued support.


CEO and Co-founder.


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