MyKokoon app beta launch and nightbuds production update

MyKokoon app beta launch and nightbuds production update

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Since our last update a month ago our teams have continued to push forward on all fronts, with continued development of the MyKokoon app, and some exciting developments at the factory.

Beta testing to launch in Feb

MyKokoon App Beta Launch

After 2020, the ‘new year, new me’ rhetoric isn’t quite as strong as usual.

2020 taught us that Mike Tyson was probably right, when he famously proclaimed that ‘everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth’. And despite the number of frameworks and guides you can follow to launch a product, that one quote might just be the most useful.

That’s the thing with Beta testing, or when launching a new product out into the wild- you have to plan to get punched in the mouth...and if you’re wise, you’ll also be weighing up the chances of an uppercut to the gut to follow it.

As the Platform team prepared to launch Beta testing this week we felt our first hit, encountering a bug that caused Samsung devices to disconnect Bluetooth connection when entering doze mode (...the irony of this statement, as a sleep product, is not lost on us).

It’s an issue that brings together hardware, firmware, software and product teams to assess the impact, test solutions and test, test and test again. Whilst our Android developer probably needs a strong drink and a lie down, we’ve taken this one on the chin, planning for it to be the first, and not the last. Because if it were the only issue we found, well, that’s a sign that we aren’t doing something new or innovative enough.

Like Tyson, we prepare to meet the unexpected. But similarly, no one goes from Rookie to Heavyweight Champion of the world in one match. A sportsman begins with getting the basics right. From here, they find their rhythm, maybe developing that famous signature move, before growing better and better to fulfill their ambition.

In many ways, creating software is no different. To benefit our product, and our community of struggling sleepers, we need to get the basics right first; this means great audio, accurate sleep tracking, and a comfortable, adaptive audio experience for sleep. As we expand access to MyKokoon for more and more members, we will be gathering feedback, using this to improve, and gradually release more of the smart features from our roadmap. Without getting the foundations right, well, we’re setting ourselves up for a beating.

The development of MyKokoon has been an interesting challenge for us all, bringing together hardware, software, firmware and content to create something that we believe can truly support the sleep of our community. In releasing our core features first to our Beta community this February, we hope to continue the collaborative design and build process - taking a few punches along the way - to create a knockout.

Beta members will be notified in early February with access to MyKokoon.

Official launch of MyKokoon is planned for Spring 2021.

We are on track for mass production in April 2021

Much like progress with our new app, nightbuds development hasn’t been without its challenges over the last few weeks. We have however reached some exciting milestones, as we progress towards mass production.

Overall, we are still on track to commence mass production in April 2021. We had initially planned to begin mass manufacture at the beginning of April, however since our timeline update on the 14th October, projections have slipped slightly and we are now scheduled to begin mass manufacture towards the end of the month.

Tooling has been progressing well, with the production tools for plastic and silicone parts already completed for their first test run. We have since used these tools to produce our first off tooled parts, and fully off tooled sample, which is on it’s way to the team in the UK for review. Following review, we’ll be working on any necessary refinements to the tools ahead of the factory’s closure for Chinese New Year.

Here are some pictures of our first off tooled parts:

nightbuds early prototype

nightbuds early prototype

nightbuds early prototype

nightbuds early prototype

Since our last update, we have also been busy working on other exciting aspects of our production process. Most notably:

  • We have completed the initial packaging design which is now with our suppliers. They are currently preparing samples for us, which should arrive for review in March.
  • We are working closely with our suppliers on the design of the protective case for nightbuds
  • And finally, we have continued development and testing of assembly line test equipment and started embedded software development and testing, including app integration

That ends our update! You can connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or our Community Board. Our Board was designed for you to request new content or features, comment on ideas from other members or just see what we are up to.

If you know someone who didn’t get around to backing us on Kickstarter, make sure to tell them we are currently live on Indiegogo!

Thank you once again! Till next time,

Team Kokoon


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